I know you were expecting to be taken to my old family history site. This was closed in February 2020 and I apologise if this is inconvenient for you.

I have taken this decision for a number of reasons including security and data privacy issues. Other big reasons for me were, I wanted to ensure there was sustainability and having the data freely available to every one to enjoy and contribute to research without cost, so I have moved a lot of my records to WikiTree.com. This is free to search and access all records.

If you had an account on my old web site then you can create your own record in WikiTree and link your record to the existing global tree. You may have to add your parents and grandparents to do this if they are still alive as I may not have added these to WikiTree.

Happy to help in any way I can so leave me a message on WikiTree here or on the WikiTree page below. See the (send private message) link a short way down the page.

Warren Meads