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Henry Havelock ‘Dick’ MeadsAge: 83 years18781962

Henry Havelock ‘Dick’ Meads
Given names
Henry Havelock
Birth 15 November 1878 35 26
Death of a paternal grandfatherJoseph Meads
9 January 1880 (Age 13 months)
Cause: Enlargement of the abdominal gland. Gangrene
Citation details: 127
Quality of data: primary evidence
Birth of a sisterZenobia ‘Zee’ Meads
14 April 1880 (Age 16 months)
Birth of a brotherLionel Meads
6 January 1882 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a sisterInez ‘Cissy’ Meads
14 August 1883 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherWenzel ‘Bill’ Meads
18 March 1885 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a brotherRobert ‘Bob’ Meads
20 January 1887 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a sisterCora Meads
8 September 1888 (Age 9 years)
Birth of a sisterIrene Meads
31 August 1890 (Age 11 years)
Marriage of a half-siblingWilliam AikenAmelia Cloteild MeadsView this family
29 April 1891 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a sisterRachel Mary Meads
28 October 1892 (Age 13 years)
Marriage of a siblingAlfred John GalpinElizabeth Ada ‘Ada’ MeadsView this family
16 November 1897 (Age 19 years)
Marriage of a siblingColin Brutus MeadsMay SmithView this family
25 July 1900 (Age 21 years)
Marriage of a siblingJoseph ‘Winnie’ VoyceMabel Winifred ‘Winnie’ MeadsView this family
1907 (Age 28 years)
Death of a sisterElizabeth Ada ‘Ada’ Meads
24 December 1908 (Age 30 years)
Marriage of a siblingLionel MeadsAlice GrayView this family
30 April 1913 (Age 34 years)
Marriage of a siblingDavid Henry GuthrieIrene MeadsView this family
13 September 1913 (Age 34 years)
Citation details: 5437
Quality of data: primary evidence
Marriage of a siblingColin Brutus MeadsFaith WeaverView this family
1916 (Age 37 years)

Death of a motherElizabeth Mary Gray
13 March 1920 (Age 41 years)
Cause: Congestive Heart Failure
Marriage of a siblingAlfred John GalpinZoe Gertrude Elvina MeadsView this family
1922 (Age 43 years)

Death of a sisterZoe Gertrude Elvina Meads
25 April 1925 (Age 46 years)
MarriageEdna Helen Ann WilsonView this family
9 December 1925 (Age 47 years)
Note: Home Of Brides Parents
Death of a wifeEdna Helen Ann Wilson
26 January 1927 (Age 48 years)
Cause: Childbirth/ also infant
Burial of a wifeEdna Helen Ann Wilson
28 January 1927 (Age 48 years)
Cemetery: Foxton Cemetery
Birth of a daughter
Doreen June Meads
25 June 1929 (Age 50 years)
Death of a brotherHerbert Stanley Meads
1930 (Age 51 years)
Birth of a daughter
Pauline Margaret Meads
18 January 1931 (Age 52 years)
Death of a sisterMaud Felicia Meads
May 1934 (Age 55 years)
Burial of a sisterMaud Felicia Meads
30 May 1934 (Age 55 years)
Death of a sisterInez ‘Cissy’ Meads
12 August 1936 (Age 57 years)
Death of a fatherZachariah ‘Zac’ Meads
20 July 1937 (Age 58 years)
Cause: Heart failure
Death of a sisterMabel Winifred ‘Winnie’ Meads
2 February 1942 (Age 63 years)
Death of a brotherRobert ‘Bob’ Meads
23 June 1953 (Age 74 years)
Death of a brotherLionel Meads
15 March 1954 (Age 75 years)
Birth of a grandson
Kevin John Henry Meads
27 November 1957 (Age 79 years)
Death of a half-sisterAmelia Cloteild Meads
30 July 1961 (Age 82 years)

Death 3 September 1962 (Age 83 years)
Cause of death: Congestive Heart Failure
Burial 6 September 1962 (3 days after death)
Probate 13 December 1962 (3 months after death)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 1867Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
20 months
elder sister
Zoe Gertrude Elvina Meads
Birth: 7 September 1868 25 16Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 25 April 1925Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
16 months
elder brother
17 months
elder sister
Maud Felicia Meads
Birth: 7 June 1871 28 19Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: May 1934Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
2 years
elder sister
20 months
elder sister
21 months
elder brother
20 months
17 months
younger sister
Zenobia ‘Zee’ Meads
Birth: 14 April 1880 36 27Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 23 February 1966Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
21 months
younger brother
19 months
younger sister
Inez ‘Cissy’ Meads
Birth: 14 August 1883 40 31Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 12 August 1936Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
19 months
younger brother
22 months
younger brother
20 months
younger sister
Cora Meads
Birth: 8 September 1888 45 36Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 24 December 1970Feilding, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
2 years
younger sister
Irene Meads
Birth: 31 August 1890 47 38Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Death: 25 April 1970Te Koporu, Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand
2 years
younger sister
Father’s family with Marie Irma ‘Mary’ Lazare - View this family
Marriage: 22 June 1865Tutaenui, Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
9 months
Family with Edna Helen Ann Wilson - View this family
Marriage: 9 December 1925Rata, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Family with Florence Emma Howe ‘Biddy’ Hartley - View this family
19 months
Henry Havelock Meads

Home Of Brides Parents
2 DATE BEF. JUL 1890 2 PLAC Upper Tutaenui School 2 DATE 5 JUL 1890 2 PLAC Enrolled at Silverhope School 2 DATE 24 JAN 1893 2 PLAC re Enrolled at Silverhope School 2 DATE BEF. JUL 1890 2 PLAC Upper Tutaenui School Henry was always known as Dick. Two versions as to why he got this nickname. 1] he was always reading the dictionary, 2] He was a little "know all" so one of the brothers started calling him Dick as short for dictionary. Either could be true. He was an intelligent man and the lack of schooling did not appear to have created any problems in later life. Henry started his working life at the age of 12 years, along with his brothers clearing bush at Pahikura,and the Sandon Block out from Hunterville. They were out in the bush for months at a time. To obtain supplies they would have to go via horseback to Hunterville, along with a packhorse, and return to the bush camp. The exercise taking a whole day. The main supplies were collected about every six months by horse and cart. One story that he told was of one of the brothers going into Hunterville with the horse and cart for the supplies and having to spend a week in Huntervile waiting for the weather to come fine. Flour and sugar was bought by the bag and you had to have fine weather or they would have got wet. Their diet was simple but and they all learnt how to make damper bread. They had some animals for food so always had fresh meat and grew vegetables. One story that he told was of a sheep getting into the vegetable garden and all the vegetables were no more, neither was there a sheep. As land was cleared it was converted into farms and the boys farmed them, initially in pairs. Henry and Colin, and when Colin married Henry returned to the home farm at Parakaretu. Lionel and Robert and when Lionel got married Robert returned to the home farm. Dick was a handyman, very good at building. When they were out the Sandon block Zachariah sent out timber to build a sheep shed. At this stage the boys were living in a punga whare. Dick didn't see why the sheep should have better accommodation than he did so he built a two room building for their use with the wood. The remains of that building are still standing in 1997 albeit it with a hole in th roof. The building is unusal in that the outside boards perpendicular instead of vertical as is usual. This building would be at least 80 years old and probably older.